Pregnant For Your Wedding? Here’s What You Need to Know Part 2

Pregnant For Your Wedding? Here’s What You Need to Know Part 2

Being pregnant for your wedding isn’t a bad thing–it’s just another challenge to overcome!

Here are some things to help you plan the perfect wedding day even while pregnant:

Buy comfy shoes. High heels are DEFINITELY out of the question, especially if you’re in the last trimester on your wedding day. Not only are you going to be extremely uncomfortable, but the risk of falling over is much higher. Stick with fancy flats, making sure that they are as comfortable as possible. You’re already going to be achy and tired, so you don’t need shoes to make it worse!

Plan the menu accordingly. You won’t be able to drink wine, eat shellfish, or have pork on YOUR menu, but that shouldn’t stop the guests from enjoying their food. Ask your doctor what foods you should be avoiding, and make sure to have plenty of special “pregnant bride” food handy for when you get hungry!

Have a mock ring and a real one. When you are pregnant, your hands and feet tend to swell A LOT in the later trimesters. You can spare yourself embarrassment by having a mock wedding ring made up. Make a wedding ring a few sizes too large, and it will slip easily onto your finger at the wedding. Once you give birth and your hands return to their normal size, you can slip the real, fancy ring onto your finger–with no one the wiser!

Make your honeymoon relaxing. The stress of planning a wedding is going to take its toll on your body, and the last thing a pregnant mother needs is more stress. Make sure to plan a honeymoon that is as relaxing and laid-back as possible! Remember: you may not be able to fly if you are too far into your pregnancy.


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