How to Plan an Adults-Only Wedding

How to Plan an Adults-Only Wedding

Don’t want to have kids at your wedding? You don’t have to have them, no matter what anyone else says!

Here’s how to plan an adults-only wedding:

Post a note on your wedding website — When you set up your wedding website or landing page, make sure to post a note about the wedding being adults-only. The website is where you put all the important wedding info, saving you space on your wedding invitation for only the necessary invitation details (date, time, place, etc.).

Mention it in an email — When sending out the wedding invitation by email, make sure to specify that it will be an adults-only wedding. If you don’t want to share your reasons for not inviting children, you don’t have to. Just let people know that you are not inviting children, and it will be adults-only.

Consider having children at the reception — You definitely don’t want kids to be crying, talking, or playing games during the wedding ceremony, but what about at the wedding reception? A lot of your guests will be able to make it to the reception if you allow kids to attend.

Be flexible — If you really want to plan an adults-only wedding, remember that a few of your guests may not be able to attend simply because they couldn’t find anyone to leave the kids with. Be a little flexible, and consider letting a few children attend only in extreme circumstances (when the parents can’t even find a babysitter). If not, your guest list may be short!

Be very clear — Don’t be unkind, but be direct and tell all of your guests (in an email, text message, or phone call) that it is an adults-only wedding. Make sure your guests know in no unequivocal terms that they can’t bring their children!

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