How to Do Your Bachelorette Party Right Part 1

How to Do Your Bachelorette Party Right Part 1

We’ve all heard horror stories about bachelorette parties gone terribly wrong. Don’t let that be you! Here is some advice on how to do your bachelorette party right:

  • Be careful with the guest list — This is almost a more important guest list than the one for your wedding. You want to avoid people who will cause problems (with each other or the venue), but you also need some fun. Invite people who will kick the party up a notch without going overboard.
  • Have a theme –– The theme can be “I’m going to get married”, but that’s old and tired. Why not plan a Roaring 20s themed party, a jungle-themed soiree, or even a full on Mardi Gras bachelorette blowout? It’s all about making that night as fun as possible!
  • Try something new –– Do you really want to do the same thing that ALL of your friends have done? Why not try something creative–like a trip overseas, a spa resort stay, a visit to a nearby city, a road trip, and the list goes on. New can be better!
  • Keep it small — Large groups can be a nightmare to organize! If you want to take a lot of the pressure off your back, have a smaller bachelorette party with just a few of your girls. It will be much easier to organize, and there’s a much lower risk of anyone going missing.
  • Coordinate carefully — Unless you’re spending all night at one venue (strip club, bar, club, etc.), it’s vital that everyone knows where and when to meet. You don’t want to lose your bridesmaids along the way or leave anyone stranded. Have someone (anyone that isn’t YOU) keep things organized!

Read Part 2 for more tips…

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