Amazing European Wedding Destinations Part 1

Amazing European Wedding Destinations Part 1

Looking for an amazing place for your wedding? Here are a few of the best European wedding destinations to consider:


When you think of romance, few countries can compete with France! Only the Italian city of Venice holds more romance than Paris, the City of Lights. You can easily imagine spending your honeymoon strolling down the streets of Paris arm in arm, taking a tour of the French countryside, spending your nights at cute little French inns, or sailing down one of the many rivers that cut through France. Best of all: French wines!

For those who don’t want to get married in Paris, the Loire Valley is an amazing region–filled with castles, villages, amazing food, and rustic charm. The wine-tasting tours of France are amazing for honeymooners, and you’ll find that everyone is willing to give you a special price on your wedding/honeymoon package. Once the wedding is over, you’ll still have plenty to occupy you on your honeymoon. France is home to some astounding museums, historical sites, castles, and art galleries, and there is no end of activities available.

When should you get married in France? Late spring to early summer is the best time of year, and April through June is when France is at its most colorful. Tourists flock to France during July and August, so those looking to get married later in the year will want to visit between September and November. Rainy season hits during November and runs all the way until February or March (depending on the region), so don’t plan your wedding on these dates unless you want to run the risk of getting rained out!

Looking for more awesome European wedding destinations? In Part 2, we’ll take a look at the Amalfi Coast…

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