Amazing European Wedding Destinations Part 3

Amazing European Wedding Destinations Part 3

If you want to get married in Europe but aren’t sure where to plan your wedding, here is one of the most iconic and classic European wedding destinations:

The United Kingdom

If you’ve never visited the UK, you’ll have no idea what a wide assortment of wedding venues it can offer. From the elegant, contemporary venues of London to the fairy tale castles of Scotland, there are more places to get married than you could possibly imagine. Whatever your desired “vibe” for your wedding, you’ll find it in the UK.

London is a place to find creative wedding venues, including “blank canvas” venues that you can customize to your specifications. You’ll find wedding venues in deserted underground tunnels, bank vaults, and warehouses, as well as in action-packed nightclubs, in the heart of the Royal Gardens, or in the iconic shopping district. If you want to break outside the traditional venues, there are hundreds of quaint villages for a small, simple ceremony. You can also consider one of the many castles and fortresses dotting the English and Scottish countryside.

For honeymoon activities, there really is no limit to what you can do in the UK. You can find a pub on nearly every corner, with food ranging from simple to delightful. The Scottish Highlands make for the perfect destination for the more adventurous couples, or you can take a walking tour of the English countryside to visit wineries, distilleries, and orchards. If you’re a Scotch lover, take a tour of the Scottish distilleries to see how true whisky is made.

The UK may not be your first choice for European wedding destinations, but when you consider what it can offer, it may be a good option to consider.

In Part 4, we’ve got another amazing European wedding destination: Southern Italy.


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