Amazing European Wedding Destinations Part 5

Amazing European Wedding Destinations Part 5

For those who are looking for an amazing place to get married and spend your honeymoon, here is one of the best European wedding destinations around…

Northern Italy

Northern Italy is home to some of the most amazing places on the continent. Not only will you find astounding views, gorgeous wedding venues, top-notch Italian wines, and classic Italian food, but you’ll easily be able to fill your honeymoon with a wide range of activities and adventures!

For the more cultured, contemporary couple, the city of Milan is a must-see. The fashion capital of Italy (and Europe) is definitely a place for those who love a bit of retail therapy, and it makes for a wonderful place to spend a weekend or two. You can not only tour the endless high-end boutiques and shops, but you’ll find that there is plenty of Old World charm mixed in. Milan is also home to the fourth largest cathedral in the world, a breathtaking piece of historic architecture.

Of course, you can’t visit Northern Italy without taking a trip to Venice, the most romantic city in the world! Here, you can take a gondola ride along the Venetian canals, eat at a riverside café, and enjoy the romantic ambience of the city.

Lake Como is another amazing destination to visit, with myriad small villages surrounding the lake. You’ll find that the quiet, rustic charm of these villages and towns make for a wonderful escape from the bustle of big cities and civilization. Of course, as you cruise around the lake, you can make it a game to see who can spot more celebrity-owned villas (such as those owned by Richard Gere or George Clooney).

The best time to visit Northern Italy is between April and June, or between September and October. Summers are hot, winters are rainy, and most Italians take vacation during August, so the shops are closed.

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