More Amazingly Unique Wedding Themes

More Amazingly Unique Wedding Themes

We’ve got a few more unique wedding themes for you to consider!

Time to break out of the box and go full-on awesome with the wedding themes below:

  • Sports — Give the wedding a decidedly sporty theme by make floral arrangements in trophies, serve late-night game snacks (popcorn, hot dogs, beer, pretzels, etc. ) as your meal, and have the wedding couple announced by a band of cheerleading bridesmaids–pom-poms and all!
  • Video Games –– For those who want to let their inner gamer geek flag fly, this is the theme for you! Decorate your cake as a classic video game (Mario is an awesome option!), and go for a nerdy dress code. You can even make it a full-on costume party by having every one of your guests show up at the reception dressed as a video game character.
  • Old Time Carnival/Fun Fair –– If your town has an old-timey carnival or fun fair, it can make for a great wedding venue. Have cotton candy machines, ticket booths (for drinks), a kissing booth (see if you can find volunteers to man this one), plenty of balloons, and games for everyone.
  • High School/Prom –– Instead of going for the classic wedding theme, marry your school sweetheart the way you would have had you gotten hitched at school. Throw a prom-themed wedding, complete with the school bus (for transportation) and the disapproving chaperones (parents of the bride).
  • Books –– For those who can’t get enough of books, this is a very elegant wedding theme to consider. Books can be used as the centerpieces of your wedding party, and you’ll find that there are many book-related décor themes to consider. Best of all, you can find a local library or book fair to serve as the venue for your wedding!


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