Amazingly Unique Wedding Themes

Amazingly Unique Wedding Themes

Here are some great themes to consider for your wedding:

  • Harry Potter — For the geeky little wizard within you, this is a great theme! Get married in an old castle, have “wands” as your swag, and seat everyone according to their houses!
  • The Great Gatsby — This theme is all about glitz and glamor, but all the way back in the 20s. Have your friends and family dress up in old-timey suits, and host your theme in a New York-style venue!
  • The Hunger Games — Instead of going full-on fancy, keep it simple and sweet with a wedding that you’d expect from District 12. Dress down instead of up, serve simple, tasty food, and don’t forget to have a few weapons handy (for after-wedding entertainment!).
  • Superheroes — Nothing says “I do” like dressing up in a superhero/heroine outfit! You’ll find that many venues actually offer superhero-themed packages, including costumes, meals, and décor.
  • The Walking Dead — For the zombie killer within, this is a theme you can’t help but love! It makes for some amazing wedding photos, and you can turn the bridal party into a party of the undead.
  • Beauty and the Beast — Rose bushes in glass jars are just one of the decorations you’ll want for this fairytale theme. If you can get married in an old-timey library, it’s as awesome as it gets!
  • UP — Surround the bride and groom with colorful balloons, and have the father of the bride dress up as the grumpy old man. You can even complete the theme with a ride in a real hot air balloon–which makes for some amazing wedding photos!

Love these wedding themes? You’ll find that they may take a lot of work to plan, but they can be an awesome way to throw an out-of-the-box wedding!

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