Are You Ready for Marriage? Here’s How to Know

Are You Ready for Marriage? Here’s How to Know

? This is a tough question, one you may not know how to answer! Here are a few things to ponder:

Where are you at in your life? Do you have a stable job, good income, and a decent living situation? If so, it may be a great time to get married. Your life together is a source of adventure, but you’re not struggling to make rent or put food on the table. Now is when you can start looking toward your future as a couple–and one day, perhaps, a family.

Can you imagine a future together? One VERY good sign that you’re ready to take the next step is being able to picture that next step. If the thought of getting married doesn’t turn your stomach but actually makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, it’s a sign that you can handle the commitment to your partner.

Do you know who you are? This is a question no one can ever truly answer. We are always changing and growing as we go through life, but having a sense of identity is a very important part of being in a happy, committed relationship. If you are always trying to “find yourself” through some activity or adventure, you may not be ready to settle down.

Is this person a good match for you? Marriage is about two people joining their lives together in pursuit of a common goal. Is the person sleeping next to you that person, or are you just with them out of fear of being alone? Are you with them for the right reason, and are you good for each other? It’s a tough question to ask, but it’s one you MUST answer before you take the next big step.

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