Are You Sure You’re Ready to Get Married? Part 1

Are You Sure You’re Ready to Get Married? Part 1

Not everyone is ready to get married! It may surprise you to hear it, but it’s 100% true.

How can you be certain that you are ready? It’s not just about “feeling it”, but you need to know deep in your heart that you’re prepared. Here are some of the signs you’re ready to get married:

  • You’ve done and seen it all — If you’ve been in the dating world for a few years, you know how bad things can be out there. You’ve had to deal with creeps, pervs, liars, assholes, and jerks, and you’re sick and tired of it. You have found a man or woman who you can trust, who you love, and who has the qualities you are looking for in a partner or spouse. But in order to know FOR SURE that you’ve found Mr. or Mrs. Right, you have to go through a lot of Mr. and Mrs. Wrongs.
  • You can accept them the way they are — One of the biggest mistakes people can make in relationships is to think, “Oh, I can change that behavior or attitude”. If you try to change that man or woman in your life, they will end up resenting you for it later on down the line. But if you can look at that person and say, “I can put up with those quirks because I love him/her”, it is a sign that you are going into the marriage with the right attitude.
  • You have similar aims — Finding someone who has goals in line with yours is a very rare thing, and is a person to be treasured. It’s hard to find people who share similar values, aims, and objectives in life. You want someone who will work alongside you and offer mutual support. If you have found that person, it’s a good sign!

Part 2 has more ways to know whether or not you’re ready to get married…

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