Are You Sure You’re Ready to Get Married? Part 2

Are You Sure You’re Ready to Get Married? Part 2

Taking the plunge to pop the question is a big step, but are you sure you’re ready to get married?

Here are a few signs you may very well be:

It’s not just about sex — There is nothing wrong with being sexually compatible; if anything, it makes you more compatible in general. But if the relationship is all about sex, getting married is going to make you realize that pretty quickly. If, however, your relationship is rock solid out of the bedroom as well as between the sheets, you’ll know. A deep emotional and spiritual connection with someone else will let you know you have found the right one.

Your family and friends like him/her — This is not the best indicator of who you should be marrying, but it’s a factor to consider. That person is going to spend time with your family and friends, so it would be nice to find someone that they enjoy being around. Besides, if ALL of your friends and family tell you that he/she is wrong for you, there may be a reason why they think that. Of course, in the end, it’s your decision, but it’s still something to take into account.

You’re working to improve together — Fights and arguments are just part of life as a couple, but how do you end those fights? Are you working toward improvement, or are you just trying to be the “right” one? If you sweep conflict under the rug, prepare for harsh reality when you get married. But if you’re trying to use those arguments to improve your relationship, you’re ready for the challenges married life has to throw at you.

It’s not just a fantasy — Romance is a heady thing, and it’s one that can sweep you up and whisk you off your feet. If you’re getting married to keep the bliss of your love alive, you’re in it for the wrong reasons!

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