Attractive Traits to Look for in a Husband Part 1

Attractive Traits to Look for in a Husband Part 1

What do you look for in a prospective husband? There are so many things that women find attractive, it can be hard to choose just a few traits. Here are a few of the most attractive traits to look for in a husband:

Dependability — There are many men who are there for the fun times, but when the going get tough, they get to going. They won’t stick around for the hard times, the times when the fun is gone and all that’s left is the hard work and struggle that marriage can be.

When you’re considering whether or not this man is the right one to be your husband, think about how dependable he is. Does he crack or fold under marital pressures, or does he stick with you no matter how hard things get? You want to find a man you can depend on, one who will be there to support you through everything life will throw at you!

Good Health — This may sound like a silly one, but it’s definitely one to consider. Do you want a man who takes care of his body, or one who cares more about a “good time” than worrying about his health?

Let’s say you marry the “good times” guy, who smokes, drinks, eats, and enjoys life. A few years down the line, when you have kids, will he be around to help you out? Will his body give out because he didn’t take care of it?

It’s not the most important factor to consider, but it is an important one. A man who is in good shape and takes care of himself will be around for much longer, and that is the kind of man you should consider marrying.

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