Attractive Traits to Look for in a Husband Part 2

Attractive Traits to Look for in a Husband Part 2

Do you know what makes a man “husband” material? What makes him the right (or wrong) choice to be your partner for the rest of your life? Here are a few attractive traits to look for in a husband:

Financial Stability and Success — Money isn’t everything, but it plays a VERY important role in life. How does your man handle his finances? Does he have a solid plan for savings, and is he trying to increase his earnings and find new ways to make his money work for him?

You have to understand that not every man will be a financial success, as some men just aren’t cut out for the daring, high-risk world of investment and business. But if he can earn a decent living and provides some measure of financial stability, he will be the support system that will enable you to take the risks and find the way to do more. The size of his wallet isn’t the only thing to consider, but it is a trait to keep in mind.

Ambition — What are his goals in life? Does he have anything that he wants to do, and is he willing to work hard to reach those goals?

You don’t want a man who is willing to put his ambition before your family and your desires, but a bit of ambition is the key to success in life. You want someone who is willing to work hard and reach for something higher, not just settle and be content with your current lot in life. If you are an ambitious person as well, you won’t be happy with a man who sits and takes it easy.


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