Attractive Traits to Look for in a Husband Part 3

Attractive Traits to Look for in a Husband Part 3

What makes a man the right marriage material for you? Here are a few attractive traits to look for in a husband:

Industriousness — No matter how ambitious your husband is or how many amazing plans he has, if he isn’t willing to work hard at it, he’s never going to get anywhere.

An industrious man is one who knows how to put his nose to the grindstone and just work. A huge part of success is working hard, and doing the small, repetitive, and monotonous tasks over and over. No business is going to success without that industriousness, so it’s definitely one of the most important traits to look for in a husband.

Sociability — Do you want a husband that you are ashamed to introduce to your friends, or do you want one that your friends will love? If you’re a social person, the answer is probably the second one.

If your man has a hard time in social situations, it may make it hard for you to keep and make friendships. If people automatically dislike him due to his lack of social skills, you’ll find yourself isolated from the people around you. It can be tough to live with a husband who has a hard time socializing.

This isn’t the most important trait, but it’s one to keep in mind as you are considering marriage. You want a man who does well in social situations, and who can support you in your friendships and relationships. It will make your life much easier if he is a help rather than a hindrance in social matters!


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