Attractive Traits to Look for in a Husband Part 4

Attractive Traits to Look for in a Husband Part 4

Not sure whether or not your man is “husband material”? Here are a few of the most attractive traits to look for in a husband:

Personality — Do you actually like his personality, or are you just putting up with it because you like or love him? It may be an odd question to ask yourself, but it’s one you need to consider.

Is he a likable person? Is he easy to get along with, and easy to spend time with? Does he have mood swings, or is he sullen and irritable for no reason? It’s impossible to find a person with a “perfect” personality, but how much do you actually like him? If his personality is something you put up with or tolerate rather than like, it may be a sign he’s not the right person for you.

Intelligence — Anyone can get an education, but how well is that education serving him? Is he an intelligent person, one who is able to use his brain to figure out solutions to the inevitable problems that arise?

Intelligence is one of the most important traits to look for in a husband, as it is a necessary part of adapting and growing as a person. An intelligent man will have a much better chance of success than one who “lucks” their way through life. Intelligence will get him a lot farther in life than any amount of money would. You want a man who is at least your intellectual equal, or even one smarter than you! The more intelligent he is, the higher your intellectual standard in your home.


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