Awesome Wedding Hairstyles to Try

Awesome Wedding Hairstyles to Try

Looking for a few awesome wedding hairstyles to try out? Here are some of the best to consider:

Short, curly hair with bridal headband — If you haven’t managed to outgrow that too-short cut, and you hate hair extensions, this hairstyle could work for you! Wear a simple bridal headband, and give your short hair enough curl to make it wavy. It will be simple and understated–perfect for a simple wedding!

Twisted updo — If you’re looking for a more elegant hairstyle, the updo is as classy as it gets! You won’t need a headband or veil with this hairstyle, as you’ll want to show off the fancy coiffure. Just remember, the fancier the hairstyle, the harder it is to keep it in good shape.

Veil and bun — For those who HATE elaborate hairstyles, a bun is an ideal option. You can use a fake bun to add more volume to your hair, and hang a veil from the bun to give it an elegant appearance. It you look good with your hair pulled back, this is the simple hairstyle for you!

Wavy down — If you have slightly darker skin and dark hair, this is a brilliant hairstyle. The wavy locks will help to frame your face, and with a bright color on your lips and cheeks, you will look like the classic “blushing bride”.

Flowery updo — Instead of using a veil to bring out the “wedding party” in your hairstyle, use a few flowers (synthetic or natural). White flowers will contrast beautifully with dark brown or black hair, and it will add a touch of natural elegance you can’t help but love.

Try out these awesome wedding hairstyles to do something fresh and original!

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