Awesomely Unique Wedding Site Ideas Part 2

Awesomely Unique Wedding Site Ideas Part 2

If you’re planning your big wedding, choosing your wedding site is a very important part of the process!

Break away from your local wedding reception venues and try one of these unique wedding sites below:

  • Volcano — For those living in the US, the Hawaiian volcanoes can make for quite an adventurous wedding. For those in Europe, there are the volcanoes of Iceland, Italy, Germany, Greece, and Spain. It may be a bit hot on your wedding day, but the heat of the volcano will have nothing on the love burning in your heart!
  • Ancient Temple — Angkor Wat in Thailand and the Mayan Palaces in Mexico are two AMAZING adventure destinations for your wedding. Not only are these temples ancient, but they’re surrounded by some of the more beautiful wildlife. You can even have a shaman perform the wedding, and you’re already in the perfect honeymoon location!
  • Roller Coaster — If you’re the more adventurous type, a roller coaster is a great place to get married. You may have to say your vows before riding the loop-de-loop, but you’ll love the theme of your wedding reception!
  • Safari — Africa isn’t the only place where you can get married surrounded by man-eating animals! San Diego, California is home to a sanctuary for exotic animals, and you can say your “I do’s” with the roars of lions, bears, and tigers to echo your vows.
  • Pirate Ship — Say what? There are many ancient pirate ships around Europe, and certainly there are a few in the US where you can get married! You can get a feel for the Old World and the romanticized life of a pirate, and it’s a fun way to enjoy your wedding in a very different way.

Now are you getting crazy, creative ideas for your wedding?


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