Awkward Wedding Problems to Avoid

Awkward Wedding Problems to Avoid

Weddings can often lead to awkward, hard-to-overcome problems! Here are a few wedding problems to be on the lookout for:

Disagreeing — You don’t have to agree with everything your future husband, wife, or mother-in-law says. However, it’s vital that you disagree the RIGHT way. Avoid clashing with them, but try to disagree with respect. You can save a lot of hurt feelings if you’re careful.

Asking for cash gifts — It’s terribly awkward to ask friends and guests for cash gifts, but you may have to if you want to avoid useless gifts. Instead of asking for hard cash, open a savings account or PayPal account and give it a name: your “Down Payment Fund” or “Honeymoon Expenses”. This will make it easier to ask your friends for money for a specific purpose.

Bad wedding planner — Not everyone can get along with their wedding planner, but what do you do in this situation? Instead of firing or replacing them, try to find out what’s causing the problem–both on YOUR end and theirs. Try to get to know them better, learn to deal with them, and solve the problem! You need them on your side if you want to get this wedding right.

Dropping guests — How can you tell your boss they’re not invited to your wedding, or tell your friends they’re not in the bridal party? This is a terribly awkward conversation to have, but it’s one you MUST have. Reaffirm how important your relationship is when breaking the news, but you have to stick to your convictions.

Not inviting kids — This can be a problem for your married friends, but it’s a good way to keep costs low. Make it VERY clear that there are no exceptions, and keep to your word. Don’t be harsh, but remain firm that the wedding is for adults only.

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