Best Unique Wedding Location Ideas Part 1

Best Unique Wedding Location Ideas Part 1

Looking for a unique wedding location to get hitched?

Don’t get married at the same boring church, cathedral, or local wedding reception hall as all of your friends and family, but take your wedding someplace out of the box! Check out these awesome locations to see if you can find the right wedding location for your event…

  • A private island –Who wouldn’t want to get married on their own isolated island in the middle of the ocean? The Caribbean and Pacific Ocean are filled with beautiful islands where you can married alone with your family and friends!
  • Glamping — Glamping, or glamor camping, is a wonderful way to combine luxury and the beautiful outdoors into one simple ceremony, making it one of the best venues to consider if you or your spouse love nature.
  • Castle — Imagine getting married atop the battlements of a centuries-old castle in Germany, France, or England. Talk about a fairy tale wedding!
  • Luxury trailer park — Hard to believe such a thing exists, right? Combine the mobility of trailers with luxury accommodations, and it’s a surprisingly cozy venue.
  • Wine cellar —  For the wine snob within, this is a wedding venue of your dreams! Napa Valley in California is just one of the places where you can get married among bottles and casks of wine, and Europe is home to many venues in wine cellars!
  • Cave/Grotto — How amazing would it be to get married surrounded by millennia-old rock formations?!
  • Music Festival -­- If you’re into festivals–like Burning Man, EDM festivals, rock festivals, or even old-timey jazz/blues festivals–it’s a great place to get tie the knot with that fellow music lover.  It’s a unique, out of the box wedding venue that you know he/she will love as much as you!

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