Best Unique Wedding Location Ideas Part 2

Best Unique Wedding Location Ideas Part 2

Looking for a unique wedding location? Say “No” to that local wedding reception hall, church, or cathedral, and try one of the ideas below as the perfect place to say your vows…

  • Barn — There are few places more classically romantic than barn for your wedding ceremony, especially at night with the old-timey lights, country music, and rustic simplicity.
  • Covered Bridge –– A babbling brook below, the stars above, and the gentle wind ruffling your hair will make this a beautifully romantic wedding venue! It can be both fun and simple, not to mention cheap.
  • Antique Store –– For the antique collector in you, this is the unique wedding location of your dreams. Surround yourself with antiquities and ancient artifacts that will look down on you as you say your “I do’s”.
  • Botanical Gardens –– Nature produces some amazingly beautiful things, and the plants and flowers you’ll find at these botanical gardens can make your wedding dreams come true.
  • Country Club — Combine posh elegance with haute cuisine, and you have the wedding venue you’ve always dreamed of. If you can afford the high fees of getting married in a country club, it’s a supremely luxurious wedding venue.
  • Museum — If you’re passionate about art, history, or science, why not get married surrounded by your passion? You’ll find that many museums rent out space for wedding ceremonies, and you can hold your reception in your favorite museum.
  • Historical Building — Interested in getting married in a historical building? There are many spread around the continent that will allow you to rent space for your wedding–perfect for history buffs!
  • Park — Why not keep the wedding nice and simple? Instead of tying the knot at a fancy venue, get married in a park–either public or private. Surrounding by beautiful nature and those who love you most, it’s a wedding venue perfect for simplicity.

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