Best Wildflowers to Grow for Bouquets

Best Wildflowers to Grow for Bouquets

Did you know that you can grow your own flowers for your wedding bouquets? Here are the best wildflowers to grow for bouquets:

Pincushion flower — This little flower is great for bouquets simply because it’s a highly productive one. You can get hundreds of blooms from a single bush, making it easy to populate a few centerpieces and bouquets.

Minoan lace —This flower comes from the Mediterranean, meaning it’s able to handle a wide range of climates. It’s easy to care for, and you’ll find that it’s surprisingly delicate. The flowers can grow in bunches up to 5 inches across, and it gives your bouquets an elegant look.

Zinnia — This is a hot-weather flower, making it ideal for a late summer or early autumn wedding. They make beautiful standalone centerpieces, as their stems grow long and thick, and the blooms are large and colorful.

Feverfew — For those who want a cute, bright bouquet, feverfew is a brilliant plant to use! The flowers are tiny, and they look just like daisies. They’re perfect for fillers, or they can add a touch of  “wild” to any bouquet.

Flowering tobacco — These are easy to grow in your garden, and they’re wonderful bouquet fillers. They are fairly small, but they will add a touch of color and life to any simple bouquet. The plant grows up to 5 feet tall and 18 inches wide, and you can get a lot of blossoms from a single plant.

Dahlia — These flowers have long, strong stems, meaning they can stand up on their own. You can find them in a wide range of hues, and they range in size from 2 to 12 inches across.

These are the best wildflowers to grow for bouquets!

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