Bridal Guide to Wedding Day Survival Part 2

Bridal Guide to Wedding Day Survival Part 2

Here’s how to get through your wedding day sane:

  • Prepare for LOTS of pictures — Before you walk down that aisle, mentally prepare yourself to stand smiling in front of a camera for up to an hour and a half. Not only do you have to take all the bride, groom, and wedding party photos, but all of your guests will want at least a few snapshots.
  • Remember to enjoy it — Don’t get so focused on your guests that you forget that it’s YOUR big day. Take time with your new hubby, eat all you want, and drink some of that expensive wine you paid for. It’s YOUR day!
  • Find a bigger size — Unless you want to be uncomfortable in your wedding dress, buy it just a size larger. Have it tailored if you must, but make sure that you have room to move around in your dress. Nothing causes suffering and pain faster than a too-tight dress.
  • Have a “fireman” standing by — You need someone with a level head on hand to deal with any “fires”–last minute cancellations, unexpected guests, vendor problems, etc. None of these problems should ever reach you on your wedding day!
  • Know when it’s okay to indulge — It’s important to cut wedding costs in order to afford more, but sometimes it’s better to pay a bit more in order to get a bit more. Don’t hire the cheapest caterer, DJ, or wedding coordinator, or your wedding may feel cheap. Sometimes it’s okay to spend a bit more.
  • Have everything you need handy — Before you leave the house that morning, put together a bag of everything you could need. Throw in comfy clothes and shoes, a few snacks, LOTS of deodorant, your iPod with all your favorite tunes, and your computer (with Netflix). It will help you get through that day alive!

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