No-Bull***t Wedding Planning Tips Part 1

No-Bull***t Wedding Planning Tips Part 1

Surviving your wedding doesn’t have to be impossible! Thanks to these tips, you can get through the wedding planning process alive:

  • Pay someone to do it — You may be an amazing baker, seamstress, or florist in your own mind, but can you really make your own wedding cake, dress, or floral arrangements? Is it even worth it? Paying someone to do it will take A LOT of stress of your already full plate.
  • Accept help — There is no one in the world that can plan a wedding alone, no matter how amazing they think they are. You should always accept help from others, especially when they offer a helping hand. The closer you get to the wedding day, the more you’ll appreciate the help.
  • Be willing to say “No” to Plus-Ones — You definitely want to have all of your friends and family members at the wedding, but how many guests can you realistically afford? You can only allow so many spouses/significant others/plus ones, or else you’ll end up spending a fortune!
  • Put that foot down — Don’t be a Bridezilla, but don’t be a pushover either. Don’t let any of your vendors try to cheat you out of what you paid for, and be ready to speak up if something isn’t right. You’ll want to pick your battles, but don’t hesitate to stand up.
  • Write notes as you receive gifts — DO NOT fall behind on the note-writing, unless you want to spend your entire honeymoon cooped up in your hotel room scribbling out thank-you notes.
  • Upload everything to the internet — Do all of your wedding planning via Google Docs and Dropbox. That way, there’s no risk of losing anything!

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