Cake Tasting Done Right

Cake Tasting Done Right

Cake tasting is an art, and it’s one that you need to do right!

If you rush through the cake tasting–visiting multiple bakeries in one day–you could end up choosing the wrong cake. It’s important that you take your time about it. Visit NO MORE than one bakery per day, and spread the cake tastings over a week or two. It may be a bit inconvenient, but it’s the best way to be certain that you really taste each slice of cake.

NEVER go to a cake tasting ravenously hungry. If you haven’t eaten anything since the morning, have a light lunch. You don’t want to eat so much that you’re full when it comes time to sit down and eat cake, but you shouldn’t be so hungry that you devour the cake you’re meant to savor and enjoy.

When visiting a cake-maker for a tasting, your party should consist of no more than four people: the bride, the groom, the maid of honor, and the mother of the bride or groom. Make sure to inform the baker ahead of time if you are bringing more than two people.

If any of you have food allergies, inform the baker ahead of time. You don’t want to eat nuts, gluten, chocolate, berries, or anything else that could cause a negative allergic reaction.

Already know more or less what flavors of cake or icing you want? Let the baker know if you have a preference for chocolate, strawberries, coffee, vanilla, caramel, or any other flavor. Narrowing down the options helps the baker know what flavors you want to taste.

Have a way to note down the cakes that you like, as well as the bakery where they can be found and the cost of the wedding cake.

“Naked” tastings involve the icing, sponge, and filling all being brought out separately for you to taste one at a time. “Prepared” tastings involve fully-prepared cakes, with all of the items incorporated.

Take your time with each cake, and don’t feel obligated to finish the entire thing. Your baker will let you know how many cakes you will sample, and you want to ensure you get a good taste of each one.


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