Crazy Places to Get Married, Part 3

Crazy Places to Get Married, Part 3

Instead of getting hitched in an event hall, a cathedral, or a church, it’s time to break out of the box and find new, creative wedding venues. Here are a few of the crazy places you can get married:

Backyard/Garden — If you want to keep things simple and sweet, there’s nothing that screams comfort like your own backyard. Install a flowered trellis, decorate the yard with chairs, and have a pastor or priest lead the ceremony. It’s a beautiful place to get married that will cost you very little.

Sailboat — For those living near the ocean or a large river, this is an awesome place to get married. Fill your sailboat with only the bridal party and the pastor, and sail on open water as you say your vows to each other. Talk about romance!

Cruise Ship — What a great way to combine your marriage with an elegant, luxurious honeymoon! Hold the ceremony on the first day of the cruise, and spend the rest of your trip exploring the massive ship and visiting all of the ports where you will stop along the journey.

Theme Park — The idea of getting married at a theme park–like Disney or Sea World–may sound silly, but it can be A LOT of fun. For those who are trying to find creative, out of the box ideas, it doesn’t get better than this!

Old Railway Station — You may not be able to find these in the U.S., but the UK is home to many old railway stations that will give you a beautifully classic, romantic feeling as you hold your wedding there. It’s vintage and a wonderful way to kick off your European holiday!

Safari — Take your special someone on a safari in the heart of Africa, and get married in the middle of the African jungle or plains. Surrounded by wildlife, it’s a supremely romantic, highly original wedding venue!


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