Cutting Costs on Your Wedding Reception

Cutting Costs on Your Wedding Reception

The wedding reception is the most expensive part of the entire affair, but we’ve got some tips for cutting costs on your wedding reception:

  • Select multipurpose chairs — If you can rent chairs that work for both the wedding ceremony and the reception, you’ll save a small fortune! You will have to fork over a small labor fee for the setup and transportation of the chairs between venues, but it’s much cheaper than renting another set of chairs.
  • Keep glassware costs low –– Yes, you may be tempted to have fancy water glasses, wine glasses, and champagne glasses, but that can run you quite a hefty bill. Instead, choose ONE item of fancy glassware, and keep the others simple. That way, you’ll still have the touch of elegance at the table, but without spending a fortune.
  • Choose the right tables –– Surprisingly, round tables are able to accommodate more guests than rectangle or square tables. The 60″ and 72″ tables are the most space-efficient, and will provide more than enough seating.
  • Trim down the linens –– Fancy napkins, tablecloths, place settings, chair covers, and all the other linens can cost you a pretty penny if not provided by your venue. Instead of going fancy with everything, keep most of the linens simple and splurge on just one item. For example, use a simple tablecloth, but have fancy napkins at the table. You’ll have the elegance without the cost.
  • Minimize vendors — Try to work with just one vendor for all of your wedding services! If your venue can host both your ceremony and reception and provide all the food, drinks, entertainment, decorations, and tableware, you’ll save a lot on your wedding costs overall!

Follow these tips to cut costs on your wedding reception…

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