Foods You Don’t Want On Your Wedding Menu Part 2

Foods You Don’t Want On Your Wedding Menu Part 2

When planning your wedding menu, here are a few foods to AVOID at all costs:

  • Ribs — There are few foods quite as delicious as a rack of baby back ribs, but all that BBQ sauce is going to make a mess of your face, hands, and clothing. Unless you want to spend most of your time wiping grease and sauce, it’s better to stick with less messy alternatives.
  • Soup –– If you are going to do a veggie appetizer or starter, make it salad! Soups are pretty messy, especially if you have children at the wedding party. The risk of splashback or spilling is very high, and you could ruin your wedding outfit if you’re not careful.
  • Sloppy Joes –– Slather a bit of tomato and meat sauce in a bun and you have one of the most delicious appetizers around. However, it’s also one of the most likely to leave red stains on your pristine white wedding dress, or on your black tuxedo. Probably a menu item to skip this time.
  • Crab cakes –– Just like with oysters, it’s pretty tough to ensure that the crab served is 100% good. The risk of food poisoning or indigestion is fairly high, and with so few bathrooms to choose from, you may have a huge problem on your hands. As a rule, you should stay away from any kind of seafood, so crab cakes are a no-no unless you live RIGHT by the ocean.
  • Anything saucy –– Chinese, Indian, Italian, French, Mexican, and pretty much any other type of food served with a sauce is going to be pretty messy if you’re not careful. The drier the better, in this case.

Don’t think that this limits your wedding menu options. There are so many foods out there that WON’T make a mess, and will be just as tasty!

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