How to Have a Green Wedding Part 3

How to Have a Green Wedding Part 3

For the eco-warrior, a green wedding is the ultimate dream come true!

Here are some tips to help you find the right venue for your eco-friendly wedding:

  • Keep the wedding small — If you have 100+ guests, you’re going to use a lot of electricity, generate a lot of waste, and possibly waste a lot of food. Having a small, intimate ceremony and reception is the key to reducing energy and organic waste!
  • Limit travel –– How many guests are you going to have flying in from around the country–or the world? For every mile traveled, the carbon footprint of your wedding increases. Try to limit the number of people traveling to your wedding from out of town.
  • Be creative with transportation –– If you really want to go old school with your wedding, you’ll cut your carbon footprint drastically! A horse-drawn carriage is highly romantic, so consider renting one as your ideal transportation from the ceremony venue to the reception venue. Or, better yet, have the wedding theme revolve around cycling! No energy is wasted when you cycle around.
  • Choose a venue close to home –– While a destination wedding is a dream come true for many, eco-warriors need to realize that traveling to that destination is going to raise your carbon footprint. Choose a venue as close to home as possible, as that will help to reduce energy consumption for travel. If you really want to go green, why not plan the wedding in your own back yard?
  • Host at the same venue –– If you host the reception and the ceremony at the same venue, there’s no need to travel from one to the other. Big gas savings right there!

In Part 4, we’ll look at how to save on your floral arrangements and your honeymoon…

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