How to Involve Your Mother in Law Part 1

How to Involve Your Mother in Law Part 1

A mother in law is often a difficult person to get along with, as they tend to be opinionated, vocal, and pushy–exactly like you are!

But they deserve a place in your wedding planning process, so here are a few ways you can involve them without giving them too much power:

  • Make time to hang out — She may not be your favorite person, but you’re marrying her son, and thus you need to get to know her better. Make it a point to spend time together before the wedding, over a meal, an outing, or even a cup of coffee. Get to know her a bit better, and it may help you deal with her better during the wedding planning process.
  • Hit up a wedding expo –– This is a great place for the both of you to see all the beautiful wedding dresses, cakes, and entertainment options available. Who knows, you may actually share an idea, and it will help to bring you a bit closer.
  • Get her involved online — If you have a Pinterest board, invite her to join it. If you’re starting a Facebook Group to discuss wedding ideas with your gal pals, have her come along for the discussion. It’s a good way to help her feel that she’s contributing, without her actually being involved in any actual planning. Who knows, she may have some pretty great ideas too!
  • See what she wants –– Not all mothers in law want to get involved in the actual nitty gritty work, but they just want to offer advice and counsel. Talk to her and see what she would like to do. She may want to take smaller tasks, or you may even be able to unload a HUGE task onto her.

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