How to Pack for Your Honeymoon

How to Pack for Your Honeymoon

The big day is tomorrow, and you’re ready to head off for a romantic week or two of honeymooning! But first, you have to know how to pack for your honeymoon:

Pack according to your destination — If you’re traveling someplace hot, bring clothes for warm weather only. If you’re hitting the slopes, pack ski gear. Pack according to the place where you will be spending your honeymoon!

Trim it down — How many changes of clothing do you really need? If you can keep it to one carry-on suitcase, you’ll be able to in and out of the airport much more quickly. Plus, you’ll save big on checked luggage, and you won’t have to lug around a huge suitcase. It’s always a good idea to trim it down as much as possible!

Buy items at your destination — Don’t bother with a toothbrush, cologne, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizing lotion, and all those other personal care items. They’ll force you to check your luggage (slowing down your travel). They’re all easily replaced (usually fairly cheaply) once you reach your destination!

Bring a few all-purpose items — You’ll have all the clothing you need for your destination, but bring a few all-purpose items. This includes:

  • A sweater/jacket — You never know when the weather could turn cold
  • A scarf — It serves as additional beach wear, adds warmth, and may come in handy if you’re getting sick.
  • Practical shoes — If they can be used for hiking, walking, and hitting up fancy restaurants, you only need one pair!
  • All-purpose purse — Think a larger style, such as a hobo bag. This way, you’ll fit more in the purse, and it will be useful on the beach and in upscale places.
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