How to Slash Your Wedding Catering Budget Part 3

How to Slash Your Wedding Catering Budget Part 3

Time to trim the wedding catering budget and save big on your wedding meals! Check out these simple yet awesome tips:

  • Have a family-style meal — Instead of serving a buffet or plated meals, have a large tray of food deposited in the center of the table for everyone to eat. A few dozen pans of lasagna, pizzas, or pasta will be much cheaper than fancy meals for each person, and you’ll find that it’s a great way to enjoy home-style meals at your wedding.
  • Get takeout food –– Who doesn’t love takeout food? It may not be “traditional” wedding fare, but who cares? It’s your big day and you can do whatever you want. Talk to your favorite restaurant and see if they will cater the wedding, or just order a few hundred plates of your favorite meals. Much cheaper than going with a fancy caterer, and you get all the food you love.
  • Keep the cake simple –– Don’t bother with a multi-tiered wedding cake, as that’s just going to drive the cost through the roof! If you must go with multiple tiers, ONLY the top cake needs to be real. The rest of the cake can be decorated cardboard or foam. When it comes time to serve the guests, the cake will disappear into the kitchen, and the guests will be served from a much cheaper sheet cake.
  • Have an earlier wedding –– Dinner is the most expensive meal to cater, so consider getting married–or having your wedding dinner–a bit earlier in the day. Breakfast, brunch, and lunch are all wonderful meals to enjoy with your guests, and it can be a good way to keep catering costs down.

It’s all about being smart with how you use your wedding catering budget!

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