Las Vegas Weddings 101 Part 2

Las Vegas Weddings 101 Part 2

There’s something wonderfully easy about Las Vegas weddings! There’s no need to plan a fancy wedding, no venues to rent, and no family to try and cater to. It’s just the people that matter!

The one thing that will NEVER change, no matter where you get married, is the marriage license. You have to get the license in order for the marriage to be legal.

Both U.S. and non-U.S. citizens must get a marriage license,  but thankfully the requirements are exactly the same:

  • All applicants for the marriage license must be over the age of 18. They also cannot have a husband or wife living (divorce comes first!), the person they are marrying cannot be closer in relation than cousins of half blood or second cousins.
  • You will be required to prove your name and age, so you will need a valid form of identification. This can include a state-issued driver’s license, a passport, or some other form of I.D. that has your photograph and name. You will also need your Social Security number, as it will be printed on your marriage license. (Obviously, non-U.S. citizens will not have an SS number.)

To obtain the marriage license, go to the Las Vegas Marriage Bureau. The Bureau is open between 8 AM and midnight every day of the week, so it will be an easy matter to apply for the license once you are ready to be married. The license will cost you just $77, and you can get the license without a waiting period.

You will need someone to preside over the ceremony, an officiant to ensure that the ceremony is legally binding. Thankfully, most chapels and marriage venues in the city will have someone to officiate the ceremony.

In Part 3, we have a few tips to help streamline the wedding process…

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