Las Vegas Weddings 101 Part 3

Las Vegas Weddings 101 Part 3

Are you planning to get hitched in Las Vegas? Las Vegas weddings couldn’t be easier, even if you’re from out of town!

The one downside of being from out of town is that you won’t know where everything is. You’ll know which hotel you’re staying at, but not where the Marriage Bureau or the chapel are. You have two solutions:

  1. Take a cab — Cabs are plentiful in Vegas, and you can find fairly cheap transportation if you catch a cab away from the strip.
  2. Hire a car –– If you want to go for the full-on romance, why not hire a town car or limo to chauffeur you around town? You can enjoy the personalized service, and it’s a great way to bask in luxury over your wedding weekend!

Now comes the fun part: choosing the wedding venue!

If you’re going to get married with a lot of friends and family present, you’ll need to find a slightly larger venue–which could be a challenge if you’re looking for same-day or next-day venues. If you’re planning a Vegas wedding with a lot of guests, you’d definitely do well to plan in advance.

However, if you’re going to get married just the two of you, you won’t need to spend too much time looking around for the venue. A quick search of Yelp or Google Maps will give you a long list of wedding chapels and venues in the city, providing you with quick and easy places to tie the knot.

The beauty of getting married in Vegas: most venues come pre-decorated, and they have everything you’d need for a beautiful wedding. You can be in and out within a few hours!

In Part 4, we’ve got a few more tips to help you plan your Las Vegas weddings…


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