Las Vegas Weddings 101 Part 5

Las Vegas Weddings 101 Part 5

For those who want to skip the pomp and ceremony, Las Vegas weddings can be the best way to splurge and get the most out of your wedding ceremony!

The beauty of Las Vegas is that it’s a very international city. If one of you don’t speak fluent English, you can easily find chapels and venues that will perform the ceremony in a wide range of languages. From Spanish to German to Japanese to Italian and so many other languages, you’ll have no problem finding a chapel for the ceremony.

Want to keep the food costs low? If you’re planning a wedding with a large party of guests, most hotels in the city will offer buffets at a pretty decent price. You can usually get a good packaged deal if you’re bringing in a large party (more than 20 or 30).

If you just need to feed the two of you, you can either opt for room service (the hotel will often throw in some complimentary items in celebration of your wedding), or you can pay for the hotel buffet. You’d be better off spending your money on these food items, as there are a lot of very high-priced restaurants around Vegas. (Of course, if you’re there to try new things, you’ll love the many international restaurants–including establishments owned by some of the world’s most famous chefs.)

Want to hold a small wedding without having to pay for a venue? Many hotels will offer suites that you can rent out, and they serve as a wonderful place to hold the wedding. You may only fit a dozen or so guests into the suites, but you can keep all of your expenses in one place by having the hotel organize and decorate the suite for the wedding.

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