Marriage Red Flags Part 1

Marriage Red Flags Part 1

How can you tell if your marriage is in for a rocky ride? Here are a few marriage red flags to watch out for:

Regular fighting about silly things — Arguments are a pretty normal part of life for any couple, but WHAT are you arguing about? Nine times out of ten, it’s a small thing that sets you off. However, you’re not actually arguing about that thing, but something deeper. If you never dig deeper and find out what’s causing you to argue, you’ll never get to the heart of the matter, and your relationship could be in real trouble.

Bad family members — It’s not uncommon to have a family of in-laws that is hard to swallow. However, if your wife or husband’s family (or your own) is trying to split you up, it’s a bad sign! Your spouse’s parents and siblings are influential in their life, so their efforts to wear your spouse down may work.

They’re just like your mother/father — While they say that every man marries his mother and every woman marries her father, it’s important to understand that you can’t marry someone that is EXACTLY like your parent. As awesome as your parent may be, marrying someone exactly like them could be a sign of serious unresolved issues. You may be married to them for all the wrong reasons.

Crappy sex — Sex isn’t the only measure of a marriage’s chance for success, but it’s certainly an important one. Sex is what keeps your love and relationship alive. Without good sex, your marriage is much more likely to fall apart. Everyone can get better at sex, but if a few years have gone by and things aren’t improving, it may spell trouble.

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