What You Need to Know About Park Weddings

What You Need to Know About Park Weddings

Want to get married in a park? Here’s what you need to know about park weddings:

Visit the park ahead of time. Check out the park for foot traffic, background vehicle traffic, noise, and overall feel. If there is a certain time of the day or day of the week when the park is quietest, that’s the best time for your wedding! Also, keep an eye on the position of the sun at the various times of day. You don’t want the bride and groom to be squinting as they say their vows.

Consider potential problems.  Are there enough bathrooms available for all of your guests? Are the bathrooms clean? Is there enough parking space within easy walking distance of the place where your wedding will be held? How far will catering have to drag the food? Are there electrical sockets available? Will there be other events held at the park at the same time? Contact the local park office to find out the answers to these problems.

Ask for the permit. Unless you want to be booted from the park mid-ceremony, it’s ALWAYS best to get a permit for your wedding. You may not be able to bring alcohol into the park otherwise, and you’ll certainly not have the right to ask guests to leave the space near your wedding. You may need to pay a location fee, as well as the fee for the permit for the event.

Don’t forget to plan accordingly. You’ll need flowers that can withstand the outdoor heat, wind, and sunlight, as well as food that won’t be affected by the wait time or exposure to the outdoors. Also, look for a flat area where you can set up tables and chairs without too much wobble.


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