Plan a Fairy Tale Wedding in the US Part 1

Plan a Fairy Tale Wedding in the US Part 1

Who doesn’t want a fairy tale wedding, complete with a castle and all?

Well, you don’t need to go to Europe to find a castle for your wedding, but there are a few right here in the US:

Alexandria Bay, New York — Just off the coast of New York, there is a heart-shaped island in Alexandria Bay where you can find Boldt Castle. This amazing construction is a masterpiece built by the former owner of the Waldorf Astoria hotels, and the fact that you can only reach it by boat makes it an all the more epic venue!

Searles Castle, New Hampshire — Located in the city of Windham, this English-style castle was built 100 years ago by Edward Searles, a famous collector of antiques. It’s a beautiful but highly pricey castle, but you’ll love the elegant feel of the place once you stroll through its halls.

Iolani Palace, Hawaii — Looking for an epic place to enjoy a beach wedding? This is the only legitimate castle in the United States, as it was home to the Hawaiian monarchy up until the late 1800s. Located in the city of Honolulu, it’s one of the most gorgeous venues in the city–with space for both the wedding ceremony and reception.

Gillette Castle, Connecticut — Visit Connecticut for a glimpse of one of the most beautiful castles in the country, found in the town of East Haddam. It was built for William Hooker Gillette, and the 184-acre land will provide a peerless wedding venue! A three mile trail loops around the entire property, and you’ll feel like a fairy princess as you stroll through the beautiful gardens. Definitely an epic venue!

Check out Part 2 for a few more amazing fairy tale wedding venues in the US…

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