Before You Pop the Question, Here Are a Few to Answer

Before You Pop the Question, Here Are a Few to Answer

It’s always a thrill to pop the question, but you shouldn’t do it before you’re ready. Not sure if you’re ready? Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Is this a balanced relationship? — A good relationship involves plenty of give and take, with both partners giving and taking in equal measure. Is that what your relationship is like, or does one of you give far more than the other? You may find that you are simply “putting up with” the other person, but you’re not truly happy thanks to the imbalances in your relationship. Do you really want to commit to a lifetime of that?

Can I see a future with this person? — When you picture your future, are you with that person, on your own, or with some vague, undefined person? If you answered either of the last two, perhaps you’re not totally convinced that your current significant other is the right one for you. Try to think about your future with that specific person. If it’s hard to picture, it may be a sign.

Why am I in this relationship? — This is a tough question to ask and answer. You have to be brutally honest with yourself and examine what motivates you to stay in the relationship. Is it out of fear of being alone, or is it for the right reasons? If you’re going to propose, you want to be sure you’re doing it for the right reason!

Do our goals and desires align? — Everyone has their own hopes and dreams, but what happens when yours differ radically from theirs? You may see yourself starting a family, while they are all about career or travel. This could be a problem down the road, so it’s something to consider before you pop the big question.

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