Saving Big on Wedding Costs Part 3

Saving Big on Wedding Costs Part 3

Trying to keep your wedding costs reasonable and manageable? Here are a few things you can do to stay under-budget:

Entertainment Saving Tips

Find smaller bands. The fewer musicians you hire, the fewer you need to feed. Find a band that has only a few musicians, or just hire a DJ. Much cheaper in the long run!

Do your own DJing. If you’ve got an iPod or smartphone with a solid playlist, all you need to do is rent the sound equipment, plug in your device, and get playing! You’ll need someone to man the DJ booth, but you’ll find that Spotify, iTunes, and even YouTube have great playlists you can simply set to play.

Look for amateurs. Amateur musicians and DJs tend to be much cheaper than the “best in the business” entertainment. You may not get the same quality of service, but you’ll spend far less on your entertainment.

Keep an eye on the time. If the party runs past the allotted time you have booked, the venue may charge you hefty overtime fees. Make sure that you know when the party is supposed to end, and pull the plug at that time.

Videography/Photography Saving Tips

Hire students. Photography students are eager to please and are trying to gain experience in the field. The shots may not come out as good, but the photographer will be much cheaper!

Limit the number of shots you want. Photographers are usually hired on a “per hour” basis, but they are also trying to get all the shots on your list. Hire them for fewer hours and keep that shot list nice and short.

Consider hiring from out of town. A photographer in a nearby city or town may be much cheaper than a local photographer, even if you have to pay for travel expenses. It’s worth considering.

Collect all smartphones and personal cameras. Have someone manning a computer at the door of the venue, and have them copy all of the pictures taken by your guests. It’s a great way to get more angles and more awesome shots.


Part 4 has a few more saving tips to help you out!


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