Saving Big on Wedding Costs Part 4

Saving Big on Wedding Costs Part 4

Want to cut back on your wedding costs? It may be easier said than done, but there are a few tips below that can help you out:

Wedding Dress and Accessories Saving Tips

Have a practical pair of shoes handy for the big day. Don’t splurge on a fancy new pair of shoes, but a simple pair of flats will be perfect. No one is going to see your feet under that huge wedding dress, and you’ll be MUCH more comfortable!

Keep the design simple. A fancier design costs a lot more, so keep the embellishments of your dress to a minimum.

Stay in budget. Many brides-to-be spend hours trying on dresses that are well out of their price range. When they find the perfect one, it’s almost always too expensive. Don’t blow your wedding budget on just the dress! Never try on a dress if it’s not within the budget you set.

Shop around. If you’ve found the dress you like, compare prices at other dress stores and see if they will offer you any perks to purchase from them. You may end up getting free fittings, free adjustments, or even free dress accessories. Wedding dress sales is a HIGHLY competitive business!

Try the low-end of the high street. Even the fancy dress makers have lower-end collections, and they’re the ones you should be considering when dress-shopping.

Plan to shop during sale season. There are many times in the year when you can find cheap wedding dresses, and that’s when you should be shopping. Keep an eye on your favorite dress shops, and watch for discounts, deals, and off-the-rack sales that can help you cut the dress costs drastically.

Borrow, don’t buy. You may need to buy the dress, but consider borrowing accessories (the veil, tiaras, jewelry, headpieces, etc.) from friends and family.


We’ve got more great tips in Part 5…


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