Saving Big on Wedding Costs Part 5

Saving Big on Wedding Costs Part 5

It’s important to cut wedding costs as much as possible in order to stay under-budget!

Here are a few smart tips to help you save big:

Cake Saving Tips

Don’t buy two cakes (one for show, one for serving). Instead, buy just one cake, and serve it to your guests.

Keep the cake simple. The fancier the cake and the more tiers it has, the more it will cost. A simple cake can be absolutely delicious, and that’s all that matters in the end!

Get someone to bake the cake for you. If you have a friend who is a whiz with wedding cakes, have them bake it for you. Even if you pay them to do it, it will still be cheaper.

Go for square. Square cakes are always cheaper than round and ovular cakes, and it will yield more servings.

Opt for fewer flavors. Every flavor you add to your cake will end up costing you more. Stick with a simple cake–one flavor of cake, one flavor of frosting, and one flavor of filling. It will still be delicious, but far less costly.

Have a cake table. Instead of opting for a huge wedding cake, just serve individual slices of cake to all of your guests.

Transportation Saving Tips

Go for a larger vehicle. If you need to bring a lot of people between venues, get a 15-passenger van instead of using multiple sedans or a large limo. Not as fancy, but MUCH more economical.

Don’t hire a limo. While a limo speaks of luxury and elegance, it’s also pretty pricey.

Combine trips. The bride and groom are the only ones who need to be taken in a separate vehicle. The more guests that can carpool, the better.


Follow these tips, and you’ll save big on your wedding!

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