Simple Tips for the Perfect Wedding Menu Part 2

Simple Tips for the Perfect Wedding Menu Part 2

If you want your wedding to stand out in your guests’ minds, you need to think outside the box and get creative. Where better to be unique than with the wedding feast?

The tips below will help you to plan the perfect wedding menu:

Make it an experience — Don’t just put food on a plate and serve it to your guests, but give them a chance to experience something new.

  • Try a unique flavor combination they’ve never had. For example, Luau pork combines pineapple and pork for an unusual sort of sweet and sour. “Romeo and Juliet” combines sweet and savory.
  • Make it a parade of flavors. Have the menu based around a single ingredient, and present that ingredient in multiple ways–sweet, sour, salty, etc.
  • Give them a new culture. Why not serve Greek food, Arabic food, Indian food, or some other exotic type of food? It’s a great way to give your guests a chance to taste something they’ve never tried before!

Serve in style — Your wedding meal should be elegant as well as delicious. It shouldn’t just be about satisfying your guests’ hunger, but it should be an important element of the wedding event as a whole.

If you want your guests to focus on the meal, have a traditional sit-down dinner with a fancy menu. If you want the events and activities to be the highlight, have a simpler meal with less formal dining setup. It’s all about matching your meal to the activities, and making it one more element to guide your wedding along the “story” path you want your guests to remember.

In Part 3, we have a few more simple tips on planning a perfect wedding menu…

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