Simple Tips for the Perfect Wedding Menu Part 4

Simple Tips for the Perfect Wedding Menu Part 4

If you’re planning a wedding, one of the hardest elements to figure out is the menu. With so many food preferences and requirements, you may feel like planning the perfect wedding menu is too much work!

Here are some tips to help you do it right:

Skip the sit-down meal — While the traditional meal is always a popular choice, there’s no need to adhere to tradition at your wedding. Instead of having a formal dinner or banquet, why not change things up and try something new?

Go the route of Korean BBQ, and have people seated around grills where they can prepare their own food. Go the route of Arabian food, where guests serve themselves from multiple smaller dishes. Go the route of a cocktail dinner, where everyone fills up on delicious appetizers and finger foods. You don’t HAVE to have the classic dinner at your wedding, and changing things up could actually make the meal much more enjoyable.

Opt for seasonal and local — If you want the highest quality meal at the best possible price, it’s always best to opt for seasonal fruits, vegetables, and grains. Trying to get certain fruits or veggies out of season will raise the price of your menu drastically, and you may end up with a ruined menu because you tried too hard to get something that wasn’t available in your city.

For the highest quality produce, opt for local-grown. Not only will it be fresher and taste better than the commercially-shipped produce, but you will help to support local farms and businesses. Choose local dishes for the wedding menu, and you’ll give your out-of-town guests a taste of your home!

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