Tests to Pass Before You Get Married

Tests to Pass Before You Get Married

Want to be sure you’re ready for marriage? Here are a few simple tests to pass before you get married:

Test #1: Sit in traffic together — How does your partner respond to traffic? How do you? Does one of you get into road rage, get impatient, or get bored easily? This is a simple test to see how your partner reacts to a high-stress situation.

Test #2: Be sick — You need to get sick and have your partner take care of you, and they need to be sick and have you take care of them. How do you handle the added burden of a sick partner? How do they? Remember, you’re pledging to be together “in sickness and in health”, so you need to see how you both handle the sickness part before saying “I do”.

Test #3: Stay with family — Spend one holiday with your family, and one holiday with your partner’s. How does your family treat your partner? How does your partner’s family treat you? Can your in-laws get along with each other, or do you get on like fire and ice?

Test #4: Be hungry — Skip breakfast and lunch one day, then go out for dinner to a place that has slow, terrible service. How do you each react when you are “hangry”? Do you get petulant, impatient, whiny, angry, annoyed, or turn into a monster? This will be a way to see each other at your most vulnerable.

Test #5: Fight — And not a little argument, but a big ol’ knock-down, drag-out fight. This is about finding out how you handle fights. Do you take off the gloves and hit below the belt? Do you end the argument by trying to make the other person happy? Do you make things worse and worse until you quit? Fights are a common part of every marriage, so you have to find out how you fight in order to see if you can survive!

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