The Type of Man You Should Marry Part 1

The Type of Man You Should Marry Part 1

Want to know what type of man you should marry?

Marry an affectionate man. Affection is a very important part of life. While affection isn’t the ONLY way to show love, it’s one of the best. A simple touch, a kiss, or a hug can make all the difference in the world when you are feeling blue, angry, or stressed. An affectionate man will be comfortable holding your hand in public, putting his arms around you, or holding you when you need to cry. That is the kind of man you should look for!

Marry a strong man. Not physically strong, but emotionally strong. He should know how to access the deeper emotions beyond happiness and anger. You want to find a man who is comfortable with his emotions, and who isn’t afraid to open up and be vulnerable in front of you. A strong man will be there when you need him, and he will be you rock on the bad days. But he won’t hide his emotions from you. He’ll let you know when he’s having a bad day, and he’ll be strong enough to lean on you. That is the true strength you want in a man.

Marry a man who isn’t completely certain of himself. You want to be there as he goes through his journey of self-discovery, as that will bring you closer together. A man who is in control of himself and has an idea of what he wants from life may be attractive, but he will often be the kind of man who has a hard time adapting and changing according to your wants and desires.

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