The Type of Man You Should Marry Part 3

The Type of Man You Should Marry Part 3

It’s important to know what type of man you should marry! If you want to have a happy life, here’s what you need to find in a man:

Marry a man who loves your body. You are a thing of beauty, created to be perfect just the way you are. If he’s constantly trying to change your appearance, your physique, or your style, he’s the kind of man who will never have “enough”. He should love your body just the way it, imperfections and all. You can work to change your body, but he should never push you to “be better”.

Marry a man who makes you feel safe. There is going to be a lot of crap to deal with in your life, so you need a “safe harbor” from all of life’s troubles. If your man makes you feel safe, secure in the knowledge that he loves you and nothing can tear you apart, you will have that refuge. Look for a man that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin, proves you can trust him with your thoughts and feelings, and gives you that security you crave.

Marry a busy man. You don’t want to marry a workaholic, but it’s definitely better than marrying a bum! You want to find the kind of man who is willing to work hard to provide for your future and get ahead in life. You’ll have the kind of partner that will work with you to improve your finances, your housing, and your family. That is the kind of man you want to look for in a husband!

In Part 4, we’ve got a few more things to look for when searching for the type of man to marry…

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