The Type of Man You Should Marry Part 4

The Type of Man You Should Marry Part 4

So many of us go through life trying to find the right man or woman to marry! Well, here is the type of man you should marry:

Marry a man who will take time for you. It’s easy to get so embroiled in work that your time together falls by the wayside, and that can seriously impact your relationship. You need to find a man who will make you and your relationship a priority, no matter how hard the two of you work. There’s never a good enough excuse to let your time together slip through your fingers.

Marry a man who is comfortable thinking about the future. Men tend to be a bit gun-shy when it comes to committing to the future, but they can get over it. The “right” man will be a bit hesitant to talk about the future or commitment at first. With some gentle prodding, you will find that you can draw them out of their shell. Eventually, they will become comfortable talking and thinking about their future–as well as your future together.

Marry a man who tries to make progress. No one is perfect, and no one ever will be! But if you want a relationship or marriage to succeed, it’s going to take progress on both of your parts. You may feel like you’re changing and growing, but if he never makes those same changes or shows any signs of growth, your relationship will stagnate. Your goal should be to find someone who is willing to change and make progress alongside you, and who constantly strives to be better–not because you demand it, but for the sake of your relationship.

In Part 5, we’ve got a few more tips to help you know what type of man you should marry…

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