The Type of Man You Should Marry Part 5

The Type of Man You Should Marry Part 5

Want to know what type of man you should marry? Here’s the right kind of man for you:

Marry a man who is willing to try new things. There is a balance between been stuck in a routine and doing anything at any time. You want a man who is spirited and has a thirst for adventure, but you don’t want him to be an adrenaline junkie. It’s all about striking that right balance between the two. If you can find a man who has found that balance, he is the right man for you!

Marry a man who understands that he has feminine qualities. We’re not talking about men who are inherently effete, but men who understand that they have qualities and emotions traditionally considered “feminine”. He can be sad, mad, and glad, and he can feel things that he has always believed “women only” feel. All humans are a combination of both male and female traits and qualities, and a man who can understand that is a man you want to keep around.

Marry a man who is comfortable with himself. In order to truly love you, he has to first love himself. He has to be comfortable with the way he is, the things he likes and dislikes, and his feelings and emotions. It takes a strong, confident man to be comfortable with himself, but that is the kind of man you want to look for!

Marry a man who enjoys sex. Sex is a very important part of a relationship! It helps you show love and let the other person know they are desirable, and it’s what will help you to keep your relationship alive. He should enjoy sex not only for the pleasure it brings him, but also for the wonderful sensations he can bring to you.

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