Things to Know Before Getting Married Part 2

Things to Know Before Getting Married Part 2

Are you planning on getting married anytime soon? Here are a couple of things you need to know about married life:

It’s never just one person’s fault — It may shock you to hear that, but it’s 100% true! It doesn’t matter what it is, but the blame always rests squarely on the shoulders of both parties.

In order to find a solution to problems, you both need to accept your responsibility in what happened, take steps to correct the problems that have led you there, and avoid them again. In order to have a happy marriage, you’ll both need to be prepared to change–not just the way you do things, spend your money, or pass the time, but the way you handle arguments, fights, and discussions. If you can each shoulder your part of the responsibility and take steps to fix them, you can avoid the problems in the future.

It never stops being work — Being married is one of the most wonderful things in life, but it’s also something you have to work at. And, unlike many other things, you NEVER stop working at being a better husband or wife.

This is because people (both you and your spouse) are always changing and growing. If you’re going to stay married, you’ll have to change yourself in order to keep up with the changes your spouse is going through. It’s a tough realization, one that many people never realize until they get into the marriage and realize that life isn’t easy. Married life is going to be a challenge for the rest of your life, but if you approach it with the right attitude, it will be a challenge you look forward to overcoming!

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