Things to Know Before Getting Married Part 3

Things to Know Before Getting Married Part 3

Don’t propose just yet! Before you pop the question, here are some things to know about married life before getting married:

Say goodbye to “you” — Unless you are the luckiest man or woman alive, you are never going to able to do everything you want to do all the time. It stops being about “you” the minute you get married, and it starts being about the two of you.

Any time you think “I want”, stop yourself and start thinking “We want”. You will no longer have time alone without the other person, unless they have found something to occupy them as well. You don’t get to make decisions alone, but you ALWAYS need to include your spouse in the decisions no matter how big or small. You are now part of a permanent team, and there is no “I” in “team”.

It’s going to last the rest of your life — Take a moment to let that sink in. There’s no “quick way out”, no “exit” just in case you feel like you have made the wrong choice. The time to “realize you made the wrong choice” is now, BEFORE you get married. Once you say your vows before God, the law, and your family, there’s no going back.

There is no sleeping with other people, no making decisions alone, no having things just the way YOU want them to be. You’re making a commitment to spend the rest of your life with someone else, and it’s going to last exactly that long–the rest of your life!


Marriage is not something jump into just for the heck of it, but it’s vital that you make an informed decision about it. The advice above may help you realize what you’re getting into, and will prepare you to think if you’re really ready for it!

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